Dudley's Balancing


About Us

We guarantee to offer the same degree of excellence and service that has been maintained by Dudley's Balancing over the last 40 years.

Our Aim

Our intention is to be the number one stop for dynamic and static balancing in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Why Choose Us

We are offering our current and new clients the best service possible, making our facilitates work for you, efficiently.

Professional. Excellence.

Nothing will waste your time and money like unbalanced machinery. If you rely on accurate heavy equipment, then Dudley's Balancing can offer you the best dynamic machinery balancing services in the industry. Our balancing experts use state-of-the-art Mechanalysis machines to rebalance your rolls (table, looper, deflector, dry felt), impellers, baskets, gears and cages. If done properly, dynamic balancing will increase the life, output, and safety of your heavy machinery.

Dudley's Balancing will give you the best inspection and engineering advice. Plus, we offer some great value added services like emergency repair, assembly, and welding. Our six sigma certification guarantees that your turnaround times will be short, and the quality of your balancing will meet or exceed the toughest industry standards.

Est. Since 1975

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the change of ownership of Dudley's Balancing after 40 years of being owned and successfully managed by Dudley Lawson. His untimely death will leave a void in the industry.